Elton John Tour activating local council and state tourism in regional Australia.

Having developed a reputation as being leaders in touring and live events across regional Australia, expert event strategies and unique marketing approaches saw record-breaking attendance for Elton John’s 2017 Regional Tour.





Who are TEQ?

Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) is a statutory body of the Queensland Government and the state's lead marketing, destination and experience development and major events agency. In partnership with government, regional tourism organisations, industry and commercial stakeholders, TEQ aims to build Queensland's tourism and events industry to foster innovation, drive industry growth and boost visitor expenditure.


How are we involved?

We have developed a close relationship with TEQ through a variety of regional events in Queensland. Carving out a niche position as leaders in understanding the limitations, opportunities and demands of touring in regional Australia, Uncommon Cord has an exceptional track-record for leveraging events to elevate regional and state tourism. Caring for TEQ’s internal objectives as closely as each event’s, we strive to deliver enormous return, both commercially and in terms of market reach and growth, to local and state councils.


What have we worked on?

By aligning with TEQ and their partners, we were able to greatly optimise the marketing and promotional campaign for the 2017 Elton John concert tour across regional markets. Activating opportunities with TEQ and regional councils our involvement saw record-breaking attendance in Mackay and Cairns.


“The Elton John ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Concert in Mackay in September, 2017, was a massive event for our region and one made possible through the seamless cooperation of all stakeholders. Promoter Matthew Lazarus-Hall, of Uncommon Cord, was a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond in helping us stage this exciting event and the promotion that went with it to create a buzz this region will remember for a many years to come.”

Cr Greg Williamson, Mayor of Mackay Regional Council


Cairns Impact.

  • 25,000 tickets for outdoor concert at Cazaly’s Stadium in a single event.
  • 500 international, 2,500 interstate, 10,000 from within Queensland but outside the greater Cairns area, and the remainder by local Cairns attendees.
  • Economic impact of $5.49M for one concert.


Mackay Impact.

  • 15,000 tickets for outdoor concert at BB Print Stadium in a single event.

  • 250 international, 1,000 interstate, 6,000 from within Queensland but outside the greater Mackay area and the remainder by local Mackay attendees.

  • Economic Impact measured at $3.18M for one concert.

  • Worked closely with Mackay Council to execute Elton John Day – post-event street party and city-wide activation.



  • The ‘Elton John Mackay 2017’ concert, attended by more than 15,000, was a sell-out – the biggest ever event held in Mackay

  • The ‘Once in a Lifetime’ concert attracted 5,000 out of region visitors to the Mackay region for an average of 2.5nights, with 200 of those out of region visitors being international visitors

  • The concert was an outstanding success, generating $3 Million for the local economy

  • Uncommon Cord worked in partnership with Mackay Regional Council to execute the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Elton John Concert, pre-and post-event experiences and activations such as the commemorative Greatest Hits of the Region souvenir guide, Elton John Mackay souvenir lanyards, temporary renaming of the Stadium’s road to “Elton John Avenue” and the ‘Still Standing’ Street Party.